SCCA National is the organization that overarches Canadian chiropractic students and their chapters, wherever they may be. The SCCA was founded in 2018 as a joint effort between the CCA, CMCC, NYCC and UWS. The end goal was to establish a network for all Canadian Chiropractic Students across the globe from which they could access important information during their transition into practicing Canadian Chiropractors.

From the beginnings, it was our hope to eventually collaborate with many chiropractic colleges around the globe to aid in formulating individual chapters that would act as a connector for their student members. As a network, all SCCA chapters will work in a collaborative way with SCCA National and the CCA in order to offer the best available resources to their members.

Our Mission

To ensure Canadian chiropractic students transition successfully from chiropractic college to practice in Canada by forging a strong relationship with the Canadian Chiropractic Association. 

Our Vision

By the year 2025 the SCCA will support and engage student chiropractors in every chiropractic college in North America where there is a group of willing Canadian students. 

SCCA Strategic Goals

  1. Unite Canadian chiropractic students across Canada and internationally creating a connective network of future chiropractors
  2. Inform our members about the political activities of the Canadian profession and changes to policies, regulation, and legislation
  3. Engage in activities that promote the mission and vision of the SCCA
  4. Promote the importance of patient centered, evidence informed practice.

SCCA Leadership Team

Executive Chair

Riaz Mohammed

Riaz Mohammed is a 4th year clinical intern at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC). Prior to CMCC he attended the University of Guelph-Humber where he obtained a bachelors of science in kinesiology. He is the president of the Student Canadian Chiropractic Association (SCCA), executive chair for the National SCCA, and a director on the CMCC’s Students’ Council. Rias also has an obsession with research where; he is involved on multiple research teams as well as a student ambassador for the Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative (CCGI). Riaz is a huge community advocate and helps his neighborhood through various mentorship programs and community events. On his free time you can find Riaz at the gym, hiking, or drinking copious amounts of coffee at a local café.

Vice Chair

Kaylee Shaye Peters

Kaylee Shaye Peters completed her BScKin degree in her hometown of Edmonton, AB, Canada. After completing a practicum at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, she worked for a year as a Kinesiologist doing injury rehab at a chiropractic clinic and working with chronic pain patients as part of a return-to-work program. One year later she moved to Portland to begin her chiropractic education. Outside of school Kaylee balances her life as a student with travel, reading, and all sorts of physical activity, particularly running, hiking, dancing, soccer, and swimming. She became involved with the SCCA after attending NCLC with SACA in her first year of chiropractic school, during which she was fortunate to meet other international students that were passionate about providing opportunities for professional involvement to all Canadian chiropractic students. She now serves as vice chair on the first SCCA National Board of Directors, a group that has been working diligently to bring SCCA chapters to campus’ all over North America. As a student, becoming involved at a personal, provincial, national, and even international level is so important for the betterment of the profession – the newest generation of DCs has access to incredible knowledge that did not exist at the time of the profession’s foundation. This generation will continue to bring awareness to and better our profession, and your involvement in the SCCA is the first step to making this happen.”


Dan Nighswander

Dan Nighswander began his academic chiropractic career at D’Youville College in Buffalo. While there he became very involve with SACA in various positions. Shortly after, he transferred to CMCC where he applied his knowledge of SACA and its workings when he joined the SCCA at CMCC. With his understanding of what it is like to be a Canadian student in the US – the challenges that face these students in returning – and the resources he now had as a student in Canada, he partnered with several bodies to help realize the dream of formulating an SCCA National that would provide resources to students all around the world who intend on practicing here in Canada. He currently sits on the board of SCCA National, the board of SCCA-CMCC Chapter and as the CCA Intern for 2019-2020. Some of Dan’s favorite quotes are ‘The world is run by those who show up’, ‘10% of the people do 90% of the work’ and ‘If you’re not at the table then you’re on the menu’. So yes, being involved is incredibly important to him and he believes it should be important to you as well. Dan grew up in Newmarket, ON and completed his undergraduate degree at Western University with a major in Genetics. In his spare time, Dan is an avid skier, city explorer and cottage lounging extraordinaire.


Kaitlyn Newton

Kaitlyn Newton started her journey in her hometown of Manitouwadge, Ontario. Growing up, Kaitlyn was a very active child both in sports and in her community, which escalated her affinity for aiding people in the areas of health and fitness. She went on to obtain her undergraduate degree, an Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. From there, she went on to obtain her personal training certification working with her clients to gain the quality of life they were striving towards. In doing so, she often worked with other health professionals so her clients could receive the optimal care. Kaitlyn believes that a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare is the best model for all patients to receive excellent care. She then went to the New York Chiropractic College, where she is currently student to obtain her Doctorate in Chiropractic as well as a Masters in Clinical Nutrition. She currently sits on the SCCA-NYCC board and is striving to create more opportunities for the Canadian students studying abroad as well as create resources for these students who intent on practicing in Canada. Kaitlyn believes that being active in your school environment as well as your community and seeking out every learning experience by shadowing other doctors and attending seminars is hot to striver for greatness and provide patients with the best care in the future.


Ronda Parkes

With more than 18 years of not-for-profit experience in the healthcare industry as a communications and marketing specialist and now as Chief Brand Officer (CBO) for the Canadian Chiropractic Association, Ronda Parkes is responsible for ensuring the organization’s key messages, brand, image and engagement strategies are aligned with its mission and vision across all stakeholders. Ensuring that its brand and culture continue to enhance the value of chiropractic for Canadians.


Alison Dantas

Alison Dantas joined the Canadian Chiropractic Association as CEO in July 2012 following an exemplary advocacy and management career in not-for-profit professional healthcare associations—including positions as CEO of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors and Executive Director of the Association of Ontario Midwives. She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Waterloo in Regional Planning and Resource Development; has completed the Advanced Alternate Dispute Resolution Training with Stitt, Feld and Handy; and holds numerous voluntary positions in a variety of educational, social, religious, and fundraising groups for over 25 years. Alison Dantas has recently completed the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching at Royal Roads University in 2016 and has achieved her governance designation as a Certified Director with the Caribbean Governance Training Institute.

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